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Canon wint 2 TIPA Awards

De Europese jury van de Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) kiest jaarlijks de beste producten in verschillende productgroepen.

De jury bestaat uit redacteuren en uitgevers van fotomagazines uit heel Europa.
Dit jaar koos men voor Canon in de volgende categorieen:

- The Best D-SLR Professional --> EOS 5D
- The Best ultra Compact D Camera --> Digital IXUS 65

Best D-SLR Professional: Canon EOS 5D

Canon EOS 5D
The EOS 5D is the first digital camera that offers a full-frame, 24x36mm sensor at a realistic price, and there's no compromise on image quality. With 12.8 million pixels available, there's plenty of resolution for huge prints, and they're big pixels, too, which means lower noise and higher quality in the final image. Picture sharpness is excellent, and the high resolution and superb image processing means artefacts are rendered invisible. Moreover, the size of the sensor means that the actual focal lengths of Canon EF lenses are used, and with no 'crop factor' to swing the results, this gives the angleof- view and the large viewfinder image that 35mm film photographers know and love.

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Best Ultra Compact Digital Camera: Canon Digital Ixus 65

Canon Digital Ixus 65
Featuring a high resolution 3 inch LCD screen, the steel-bodied Digital IXUS 65 draws on the original IXUS design concept to achieve a classically elegant styling. This innovative camera sports a unique Touch Control Dial, which can also be used to scroll through images during playback, while the useful Image Inspection Tool displays a newly-shot image and a magnified section at the same time. This allows you to check for sharpness quickly and easily. The Digital IXUS 65 incorporates ISO 800 to facilitate flash-free shooting indoors and minimise the effects of camera shake.

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